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Senator Ron Johnson discusses American financial struggles on The Earl Ingram Show

Senator Ron Johnson discusses American financial struggles on The Earl Ingram Show

February 9, 2024 10:51 AM CDT

By: Stuart J. Wattles

Waukesha, WI (Civic Media) – Issues such as the cost of living, healthcare expenses, education debt, and the impact of government policies on the average American’s financial situation were all part of a radio conversation with U.S Senator Ron Johnson this morning. The senator appeared on The Earl Ingram Show, talking to Earl and frequent co-host Sandy Williams.

In taking questions, Senator Johnson emphasized the need to focus on areas of agreement and find solutions rather than constant arguing. He also discussed the growing national debt, the impact of government spending on inflation and the cost of living, and the importance of tax cuts for individuals and businesses to stimulate economic growth and job creation.

During the interview, several callers raised questions and concerns. Cindy questioned Senator Johnson’s commitment to communities and people, citing his lack of support for unions, fair wages, healthcare for all, women’s rights, and LGBTQ rights. Senator Johnson assured Cindy that he does care about people and hoped for more questions rather than accusations. Malik expressed concerns about Senator Johnson’s support for funding that enables the current situation in Gaza. Senator Johnson clarified that he voted against the funding and supports Israel’s ability to defend itself. Bob criticized Senator Johnson for not trying to keep jobs in Wisconsin when Oshkosh truck got a contract to build vehicles for the post office. Senator Johnson explained that it was not his job to tell a private company where to produce their goods.

The interview also discussed The Joseph Project, a community-based initiative aimed at helping individuals find employment. Senator Johnson highlighted the importance of commitment to success and a proper attitude in transforming lives.


The conversation then shifted to the challenges of getting Washington to focus on solving problems that matter to the middle class. Senator Johnson expressed frustration with the current situation and the inability to prioritize middle-class concerns. He mentioned the significant amount of money spent on international matters and social issues, emphasizing the need to address the problems that directly impact middle-class Americans.

Overall, the interview covered various topics, including Senator Johnson’s stance on unions, fair wages, healthcare, international matters, and entitlement programs. The callers raised questions and concerns, allowing Senator Johnson to address them and provide his perspective. Listen to the full hour of the conversation below.


The interview provided a platform for discussing important issues affecting average Americans and allowed for a balanced exploration of different perspectives. It highlighted the need for constructive dialogue and finding common ground to address the challenges faced by the American people.

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