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High fire danger statewide early this week

Source: Canva

High fire danger statewide early this week

The DNR says to avoid all outdoor burning early this week to help prevent the spread of wildfires.

February 26, 2024 10:12 AM CDT

By: Jimmie Kaska

WISCONSIN (Civic Media) – The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources says that the state is experiencing high fire danger early this week due to warm temperatures, low humidity and windy conditions.

The weather conditions, coupled with the lack of snow cover and abnormally dry conditions for most of the state, create dangerous wildfire conditions, according to the DNR.

Already this year, there have been 50 wildfires that have burned about 160 acres. 27 of those fires were in the past week. Last year at this time, there were seven wildfires, and the three-year average is only three wildfires by the end of February.

On a windy, warm day, embers from fires can quickly start wildfires, which will easily spread due to the conditions. Because of that, the DNR is asking people to avoid burning anything outside. That includes campfires and burn piles.

In the 25 counties where the DNR issues burn permits, permits are suspended until after the critical or near-critical fire conditions pass.

Here are some fire safety tips from the DNR:

  • Avoid outdoor burning until conditions improve. Burn permits for debris burning are currently suspended in numerous counties.
  • Operate equipment (chainsaws, off-road vehicles, lawn mowers, etc.) early in the morning or late in the day to avoid sparks at peak burn hours.
  • Secure trailer chains to keep them from dragging.
  • Delay having campfires until the evening hours as fire conditions tend to improve; keep them small and contained. Make sure they are completely extinguished before leaving them unattended.
  • Report fires early, dial 911.

You can check on the fire danger status in your county on the DNR’s website.

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